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Gamindustri' Shares:
Planeptune: 25%
Lastation: 25%
Leanbox: 25%
Lowee: 25%

A world where four Goddesses protect and rule above their nations along with their little sisters, the Goddess Candidates.

Planeptune, ruled by Lady Purple Heart and Purple Sister
Lastation, ruled by Lady Black Heart and Black Sister.
Leanbox, ruled by Lady Green Heart. She doesn't have a little sister.
Lowee, ruled by Lady White Heart and White Sister Rom and Ram.

Gamindustri had faced various incidents but the Goddesses always come together to protect the peace of their people.
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Planeptune Basillicom

Welcome to Planeptune Basillicom

Shares: 25%

Lady Neptune - Purple Heart

Nickname: Nep-Nep, Nepko, Neppy, Neptuna, Nep-chan, Nepko-san, Pudding Heart, Damegami, StuPU

Lady Neptune works tirelessly for her nation, she usually secludes herself within her room presumably working on important things for our fair nation. Planeptune is the most advanced nation thanks to her works. Lady Neptune wants nothing but her citizens' happiness and puddings as rewards.
(Histoire's Note: Did Neptune make you write this? Can you please correct it? Neptune does nothing but slacking off. Although that would certainly depress the citizens... *sighs*)

Lady Nepgear - Purple Sister

Nickname: Ge-Ge, Gear-chan, Nepgya, Normal Heart, CPU of Planeptune

Lady Nepgear is the gentle and hard-working Goddess Candidate, little sister of Lady Neptune, she dedicates herself in helping her sister and Planeptune grow to prosperity. Ever since her birth, she has been well-loved by the citizens across the world. We see her as the perfect successor to Lady Neptune, but Lady Neptune always have more to teach her.
(Histoire's Note: Neptune made you write the last part, didn't she? Please don't worry in removing it, I will give her proper scoldings!)

Lastation Basillicom

Welcome to Lastation Basillicom

Shares: 25%

Lady Noire - Black Heart

Nickname: Nowa, Nowa-chan, Tsundere Heart, Lonely Heart

Lady Noire works the hardest out of all the Goddesses. Lastation, the Land of Black Regality, and its citizens thank her selfless dedications. Although she has a hard time expressing her feelings, she shares unbreaking bonds with the other Goddesses.

Lady Uni - Black Sister

Nickname: Uni-chan, Tsundere

Lady Uni is the Goddess Candidate for Lastation, Lady Noire's little sister. Lady Uni is a hard-worker just like her sister and she admires Lady Noire greatly, always aiming reach Lady Noire's capabilities. Her determination keeps Lastation's future one that the citizens can believe in.
(Nepgear's Note: Uni always works so hard! Please support her!)

Leanbox Basillicom

Welcome to Leanbox Basillicom

Shares: 25%

Lady Vert - Green Heart

Nickname: Verty, Bert, Beru-Beru, Beru-chan, Beru-san, Gamer Heart, ✝_GreenHeart_✝

Lady Vert is the proud Goddess of Leanbox, she is both proud of the size of her nation and herself. She mysteriously has an incredible amount of stamina which lets her work for an extreme extended amount of time without tiring out. She also frequently locks herself inside her room working on her computer, ensuring the greatness of Leanbox.

Lady Vert doesn't have a Sister

Please cheer up, Lady Vert!

Lowee Basillicom

Welcome to Lowee Basillicom

Shares: 25%

Lady Blanc - White Heart

Nickname: Blanny, Blanc-chan, Blanny Blan Bii, Angry Heart

Lady Blanc is the usually quiet and serene Goddess of Lowee, being the oldest nation she takes pride in making Lowee the strongest nation of Gamindustri. She has had many all-nighters working on documents, although it's also rumoured that she had published a few hit books under a pen-name which we may never know. Despite her usual quiet manners, be careful not to anger her because her wrath may be the last thing you will ever see.

Lady Rom - White Sister Rom

Nickname: Shy Little Girl

The shy Candidate of Lowee, she's the nice and adorable little sister of Blanc. However, do not underestimate her, she may be playful but she holds an impressive amount magic powers within her, she can blow you away if she ever feels threatened! Keep going, little Rom!
(Ram's Note: "We are the best, right Rom?")

Lady Ram - White Sister Ram

Nickname: Determined Little Girl

The energetic Candidate of Lowee, she's the lovable active little sister of Blanc. It's best that you don't underestimate her as her pranks can be quite fatal to normal human beings, Lady Neptune's Goddess Body helped her survive Ram's pranks. She is determined to be the Best Candidate in Gamindustri along with her older twin sister, Rom!
(Ram's Note: "Yaaayyy!!! I'm the best!")

Ultra Dimension

Welcome to Ultra Dimension

Lady Plutia - Iris Heart

Nickname: Plutie, Pururut (Japanese Name), Pururun, Ploot

Lady Plutia is the pleasant Goddess of Ultra Dimension's Planeptune. She works at her own pace and while some may think she wouldn't be able to lead Planeptune properly, the nation has been growing steadily. Be careful not to upset Lady Plutia, she is usually someone who you can feel relaxed with but when she's upset, she will bring you the kind of pain you won't simply get over.

Lady Peashy - Yellow Heart

Nickname: P-ko

A young Goddess taken care of by Lady Plutia, Lady Peashy is still as innocent as a child and therefore she gets along well with the children of Planeptune.

Peashy - Happy Kid

Nickname: P-ko

A young girl looked after by Plutia and the Basillicom of Planeptune.

Zero Dimension

Welcome Zero Dimension

Lady Uzume Tennouboushi - Orange Heart

Nickname: Uzume-tan, Uzume-chan

The cool, determined, fierce and fiery Goddess, working together with Lady Neptune after they saved Gamindustri from certain doom. She's earness in her quest, allowing the citizens to put complete trust in her. As Orange Heart, she is popular among children and young people due to her cheery and happy-go-lucky nature.
(Neptune's Note: "Uzume's popularity is putting my status in dangers!")

Heart Dimension

Welcome to Heart Dimension

Heart Dimension, a dimension created within a Goddess's Heart. This dimension holds a giant Share Crystal as its life source.

Heart Dimension, a dimension created within Uzume Tennouboushi's heart. It was created when Uzume found despair and drowned in delusions that hatred had blinded her with. The Goddesses of the modern day fought along with Uzume's good conscience to defeat her true corrupted self and recovering the Orange Heart whom the people love.

Original Hyper Dimension

Welcome to Original Hyper Dimension

The original Hyper Dimension is the setting of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth1, the one true Protagonist's rebirth into the modern day! The story has some modifications from the original Neptunia dimension but don't worry, Nep-Nep won't fail to humour you!
(Histoire's Note: Neptune! Please don't take over the writer's keyboard randomly!)
The story continues in Hyperdimension Neptunia U (probably...)


Welcome to Gamarket

Gamarket is the dimension which Noire takes the protagonist role, Neptune still blames the developers for making this happens.


Welcome to Gamacademi

The Award Winning Movie Franchise! The infamous Director Blanc, aka Lady White Heart, writes and directs the (potentially) best movie franchise in the history of Gamindustri! We still don't know which dimension Gamacademi is set in, but considering the Goddesses don't know Plutia, Peashy or Uzume, we can safely assume it's in its own Spinoff dimension.

Super Dimension IF

Welcome to IF's Superdimension

AAAAAIIII-CHAAAAAAAANNNN!!!! Also why is Nepko-san a bike?

Cyberdimension - Four Goddesses Online

Welcome to Four Goddesses Online

Game's not out yet...

Original Super Dimension

Welcome to Original Superdimensionn

Somewhere in the void

Producing Perfection

Welcome to Gamindustri of Producing Perfection

I'm still trying to figure out what to write here